Private Horse Trails

You must be a member of the Riding Club of Barrington Hills to ride our bridle paths.    Your current year trail tag must be displayed at all times when riding.

A guest may only ride the trails if accompanied by a Riding Club member.   Any guest on the trail must sign a waiver form prior to riding.   It is the responsibility of the host Riding Club member to insure that the form is filled out and mailed in to the Riding Club.   The waiver can be downloaded here.

Our trail representatives maintain the trails and serve as ambassadors to those whose properties we ride across.

For questions about the private horse trails, or to find out how you can permanently deed an easement to the Riding Club, please contact the RCBH Vice President or send us a message from our Contact Us page found under the Membership menu.  Our Club will provide the permanent easement document, and pay for any necessary surveying and recording fees.


NE Sector


NW Sector

NW Sector Trail Map

SE Sector

SE Sector Trail Map

SW Sector

SW Sector Trail Map

South Sector

South Sectro Trail Map