[No Longer Used] Renewal

Membership Renewal Application

To be an RCBH member you must answer "Yes" to at least one of the four following questions:

1. Are you a resident of Barrington Hills or within hacking distance of the riding trail system?
2. Is your horse stabled in Barrington Hills?
3. Are you a member of the FRV Hunt?
4. Are you a member of the FRV Pony Club?

Other questions:
a. How many horses are stabled at your home?
b. Do you have a riding trail on your property?
c. Are you interested in having one?

The Emeritus Membership is available to former RCBH members who no longer meet membership requirements. Emeritus members are non-voting and will receive newsletters and directories but not trail tags or maps. Emeritus members must be accompanied by a current member to ride private trails.

Volunteer Opportunities (please check your top three preferences):

Make check payable to:
P.O. Box 418
Barrington Hills, IL 60011

The Stirrup Club
recognizes Members making an additional contribution to support maintaining more that 160 miles of riding trails. Donor levels include:


$ Total amount to pay (membership + Stirrup Club)