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Honor the Day of the Horse in Illinois by joining Horsemen’s Council of Illinois.   RCBH is a member organization of HCI, and encourages you to join as an individual for the low annual fee of $25.

For a $50 annual fee, you also get a $1,000,000 excess equine liability policy.   Your membership dues provide operating capital for the defense of our rights to ride horses and keep horses.

HCI is your statewide equine advocacy organization.   Here are some of HCI’s “greatest legislative hits” of the past thirty years.

Over the years, we have successfully led many efforts to create new Illinois laws and amend existing laws for the benefit of horse owners and the Illinois equine industry.  We have fine-tuned legislative proposals, informed and advised horse owners of existing laws which affect them, and defended existing laws.  A partial list of such legislation includes:
*  770 ILCS 40/49:  added Stable Keepers provisions to the Innkeepers Lien Act to allow liens or sales on horses if boarding fees are not paid*   510 ILCS 67:   Illinois Equine Research and Promotion Act – established the Illinois Equine Industry Research and Promotions Board, and authorized the Board to levy an assessment on horse feed to offer grants for projects pertaining to equines – grant money recently received locally for the Brookdale Horse Trailer Parking lot project and for fencing at Walk On Farm

*   510 ILCS 65:  Illinois Equine Infectious Anemia Control Act – established this law to protect the Illinois equine population from equine infectious anemia being brought into the State through the importation of infected equidae and to control the spread of equine infectious anemia within the State

*   745 ILCS 47:  Equine Activity Liability Act – established this law to encourage equine activities by delineating the responsibilities of those involved in equine activity

*   225 ILCS 115:  Veterinary Medicine & Surgery Practice Act – added two exemptions (7 & 8) in Sec. 4 of the Act to allow horse owners to treat their own animals under certain circumstances


HCI already has one piece of state legislation filed for the 2017-2018 legislative session, and plans to file up to six more bills, all to assist equestrians in Illinois.  Want to know more?   Become a member and receive up-to-date information on HCI’s activities in Springfield.

Here’s the link – join today and help insure that our horse related rights are protected!

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